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Welcome to the Fourth Generation V6 F-Body Modifications Encyclopedia! This guide is the culmination of years of research and tuning on a few key prototype cars. Our purpose is to provide you, the enthusiast, with a handy one-stop source for information about a variety of popular upgrades for your 3.8 or 3.4 V6 Firebird or Camaro. There are thousands of products available to choose from and this enormous variety can easily be overwhelming to any automotive performance enthusiast. This guide is intended to help you make educated decisions as to what products to choose when improving the functionality or appearance of your V6 Firebird or Camaro.

This guide is divided into several sections based on product type. Use the navigation bar on the left to quickly find information about a variety of performance upgrades. Although we are attempting to be as comprehensive as possible, please note that performance companies are constantly developing new products and discontinuing old ones. You might come across some parts that are no longer produced. We keep discontinued products on the listing, however, becuase you can often find them for sale used and owners that already have these parts might still want to read about them.

Also keep in mind that this guide is only an introduction. We are attempting to cut down on the redundent questions on our message board that can easily be answered by reading here. Questions such as "what does such-and-such part do?" and "what companies make a such-and-such part?" are attempted to be answered in as much detail as possible. Once you have found an upgrade and you are about to place an order, ask about it on our Message Board to see what other members have to say about that particular product.

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