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  • Kevin Yeltons 1998 CamaroOnce intake and exhaust is covered, drivetrain bolt-on parts is where the action lies. Bolt-on drivetrain parts make up the bulk of aftermarket products available for V6 F-Bodies. Most of the listings in this category are standalone modifications that can be done one at a time as funding permits. It is a lot easier to install a new clutch than it is to swap out a camshaft. Plugs and wires can be bought at any auto parts store. Installing a shift kit takes a matter of minutes compared to a matter of weeks for engine rebuilds. Also, most of these parts are far cheaper than a supercharger or a new set of wheels and tires. Many people ask "where do I go now?" The answer is right here! If you do most of these modifications and you are still interested in performance (and not yet bankrupt) it will be time to move on to bigger and more expensive engine upgrades. Until then, read and be inspired.

    Please note that aftermarket performance companies are constantly developing new products and discontinuing old ones. The editors cannot make any guarantees about the accuracy of the information on this page.

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