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  • Your Car Can Handle Like This!Suspension and handling is one area where V6 drivers finally get a break since most suspension parts (not including springs, which have different rates based on car weight) will fit both V6 and V8 cars perfectly. Popular upgrade parts include high performance sway bars, lower trailing arms and panhard rod, bushings, springs, shocks, engine bay brace, subframe connectors, larger wheels, lower profile/wider tires, and roll cage.

    Many V6 owners believe that OEM V8 parts are good upgrade choices. This is not always the case. Just because those sway bars came from a V8 does not mean they are "high performance". In some cases the parts are the same, in other cases a V8 part can actually be worse for your V6s handling. Keep this in mind when you hear someone trying to give you a great deal on used "high performance" V8 parts.

    The most important factor when upgrading your suspension is to have a plan for your final intended goal. Do not just throw a few "high performance" aftermarket parts on there hoping that they will give your F-Body the ability to outhandle a Porsche. It is important to keep in mind that suspension parts complement each other and do not work independently. If you put a solid 35 mm front sway bar on your otherwise-stock-suspension car, you have just hurt your handling rather than improved it.

    When in doubt as to what brand you should choose from, stay consistent. Unless you really know what you are doing and know how to choose brands based on the engineering behind it, a car with a full 1LE or a full Hotchkis suspension setup is going to handle a lot better than one with a few parts from this brand and a few parts from some other brand. Aftermarket (and 1LE) suspension components are designed to work best when used in conjunction with other suspension upgrades from that same company.

    Also remember that aftermarket is not always better than GM, particularly when you consider 1LE parts.

    Give some thought to what you what to do with your F-Body and make every upgrade count toward that final goal. Drag racing, autocross, road racing, high performance street driving - these all have vastly different suspension requirements. There is a LOT more to tuning a cars suspension than just pulling out a credit card and ordering parts!

    NOTE: GM 1LE prices are not listed here. 1LE parts can be purchased from any GM dealership parts department or from

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